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In the data we find the bottlenecks. Get the insights of all your actions and react purposefully in all circumstances.

Get to grips with your data
Analytics 1


  • 01Conversion Audits
  • 02Customer Journey Analysis
  • 03Conversion Optimization
  • 04Data Reporting
  • 05Automatization
  • 06Testing Processes
  • 07Monitoring
  • 08Campaign Optimization
  • 09Campaign Management
  • 10Analytics
  • 11Reporting
  • 12Data Architecture
  • 13Conversion Patterns
  • 14Conversion Funnels

Data Architectures

Manage your data

Strong analytics comes from solid data handling. By connecting data sources and creating KPI-tailored reporting, we rationalise the value of your actions.  We set up reliable tracking architectures and present the data in a way that you can use them for your purposes.

Handle the data

E-commerce Analytics

Small changes can have a huge impact. We collect & refine data, evaluate performances and measure all your efforts directly for actionable insights. By identifying which traffic sources generate the most conversions, we define our optimization efforts and make the connections you need to improve your campaign results.

Analytics 2

Beyond analysis paralysis