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By getting a roadmap to your growth, you will be guided through rewarding e-commerce campaigns.

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  • 01Audits & Health Checks
  • 02Marketplace Integrations
  • 03Multilingual Content Creation
  • 04Product Page Optimization
  • 05Process Automatisation
  • 06Audience Profiling
  • 07Targeting Infrastructures
  • 08Data Management
  • 09SEA Campaigns
  • 10E-Mail Campaigns
  • 11Referral Programs
  • 12Sales Support & Customer Care

Content creation at every scale

SEO Copywriting or structured content in all languages

Content creation can be a real struggle for your e-commerce business. For large e-commerce shops with thousands of products we create structured content at an automatic level. Our multilingual approach guarantees you perfectly written texts for your content pages, categories and product descriptions – engaging, flawless and with the right keywords.

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Customer care on all channels

We help you implement a customer-centric 5-star-service on all communication channels. Whether FAQs, chat bots, automatic mailing, or social communication, we help you to get to grips with your customer communication in the most efficient way.

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